How Does the design process work?

The design process starts when you send me the requirement after the initial consultation. I then research and come up with a few sample designs. You choose the one you like the best and we start tweaking and fine tuning the design until we hit the sweet spot. For a detailed information on the process of logo design visit the ‘My Process’ page of my blog.

What if i do not like the sample designs?

Then we start over with more specific requirements and another round of consultation and feedback from the first set of samples.

How do i know the progress of the work?

Generally, we communicate regularly and update a custom link as soon as an update is made to the design. I send emails or messages updating you the progress and asking for your feedback after the initial samples are done and after each tweak that you have requested is complete.

How long will it take for me to get the designs?

Each design is different, the time takes generally depends on the requirements. For a ballpark a logo design can take anywhere between 3-30 days while a business card or other marketing materials take about 3-10 days. A website is a whole another realm and depends mainly on how fast you can provide the content. Normally a static website takes around 3-5 weeks to complete.

How many revisions do i get?

While some freelancers and design agencies limit the number of revisions, i dont limit the number of times we revise a design, i however limit the timeframe before which you will have to specify the revisions, any revisions mentioned 15 days after i submit the initial samples to you will no longer be a part of the original quote, and changes after the 15th day will be charged on an hourly basis. This enables me to be on time and complete this and other committed projects on time, if you are on vacation or have other priorities, I can accommodate that, what i cannot accomodate is if you keep asking for a new change each day and it keeps going well over 15 days. 

Will you provide the content for my designs?

For marketing materials like a brochure or flyer, if you just have the abstract information i work in collaboration with a couple of content writers who will convert your information into a well worded sentence. If you need the services, i can give you quotes bundled with these services as per your requirements.

Can we talk to see if you are a right fit before we start working?

Yes, all clients get a consultation where we discuss your needs, timeline and other design aspects before we get started on your design.

What do you charge for designs?

Charges for the design are based mainly on the complexity of your requirements. I would be happy to give you a complimentary quote if you can fill out the appropriate enquiry form here.

Is the art work my property once paid?

Yes, the art work will be yours once you have paid in complete, but I hold the right to use it in my portfolio and other personal marketing materials.

Is the artwork a clip-art?

Definitely not! All your designs are made from scratch and not based on a clipart or template. The marketing and web designs are custom created to reflect your brand image and values.

How will i get my designs once the work is complete?

Once the design is complete and the payment is made in full, the design files will be provided to you in various formats. They are ready to use out of the books. You will also be provided with editable versions of the files and you can edit it yourself if you have the appropriate software.

I need a design today, can you do that?

Designing takes a certain amount of time and requires research to a certain extent. While it is not impossible, i would not encourage it. In case you are really in need of a fast turnover, i would be willing to take up the project if i do not have any other scheduled work nearing deadline. As in any scenario, a fast turnover tends to incur a 40% rush order charge on top of my regular rates for a 48 hour turnaround. 

Can i edit the files once i get them?

I provide you with a variety of formats including an editable file, you will be able to make changes to it if you have the relevant software.

Will you print the marketing designs for me?

While I do not provide printing services, I partner with a few printers around the USA. I would be happy to give you a quote from the nearest printer to you and if you like we can team up together to finish the project for you.

Do you offer discounts or do charity works?

I offer discounts to Mom owned businesses. If you are a startup, I offer discounts and payment plans. I, however, do not do Pro Bono work unless its for a charity organisation related to child welfare and development. But I would be happy to get you in touch with a few budding designers and would be willing to supervise their work in case you are a non profit or charity.

I live in a different city from you, will you still work with me?

I have worked with clients from Australia to Alaska and everywhere in between. As long as you can email or chat via messenger we are good to go.

Do you have bundled packages?

Yes. I offer branding and web design packages. A detailed chart of my packages can be found here. I would be happy to create a custom bundle for you based on your needs too.

I have access to design software and apps, why should i use a designer?

While its not a bad thing to DIY designs for your business, it is to be considered that Logo and marketing designs are the first impression your potential customers see of your business. You would want to put your best foot forward in impressing your target audience. Trusting the work of a designer who has specialized in this field and has experience and the right tools can work wonders for your branding and marketing. You end up saving time helping you concentrate on what you do best. I have analysed the pros and cons and when would be the right time to DIY marketing designs on my blog ‘Why not myself?’