Brand Image Designs

Brand image designs create the identity of a person or a business. Keeping with my moto of “Making it Significant, by keeping it Simple”, i design Brand Identity by studying not only your business but also your competitors as well as your target audience. This helps me provide you with the best possible images that will reflect your values and make you familiar with your target market.

Here are some of my Brand identity Designs.

This is one of my favorite logos. The name of the bakery is derived from the Artemisia Flower and Donuts are their specialty. So i incorporated the circular shape of the Donuts and my hand drawn rendition of the flower into the logo design. We choose to go with not so bright colors. I used a scripty font to go with a circular style of the logo.

This is a Fun logo. Woodland Wandolier makes wands and other relates products from the woods collected in the greenery of the Pacific Northwest. I incorporated the design of the wand and choose a font that brings out the bold mystique. The starts are included to emphasise the magic the wands produce.

Simply to Fun Crafts makes knitted and crocheted wearables ranging from caps and mittens to sweaters and sheets. All the products are custom made with love. To highlight that i encorporated the knitting needle as an underline and made a heart motif with the letters 🙂

Apt to their Tag line, Livi Inspiration helps you to keep up with toxin free lifestyle with everything natural. I chose to represent the essence of natural life with a flying butterfly. While using gradients is not common in logos, i choose to use gradient on this logo to display the inclusion of various aspects of nature.

This logo contains a Mascot – a fairy who makes the perfect Cup/Bottle for you. For this logo i hand drew the mascot and gave her a seat on the monogram that resembles the moon. I have used various shades of blue on this logo and used Red on the shoes and golden for the wand solely to highlight the use of the blue.

Digitus Duo are two pianists who perform concerts together. After thinking a lot on the lines of showing 20 fingers, i finally decided to go with two Xs representing the number 20 and put the together using a ornamental rendition of the X, bringing out the allure the Piano and Music hold.

This logo is styled on the Emblem style. The client wanted to emphasize their location, what they do and both their circus acts and that they travel around. All these elements are incorporated into the logo, in such a way that they are in compliment with each other. The font is totally modified and i included hand drawn elements in the typography too, so that it can be used as a stand alone logo by itself.

This soap maker wanted a logo that will be primarily used as a stamp in the soaps. I made the SS heart and used a font that would be easily read even when stamped. The logo also sits well on packaging and tag cards as it looks well in both small and large sizes.

The home/ realtor market is filled with various home styled logos. I used the key to make this stand out among the competitor logos. I used a very simple design for the key to make it easily recognizable in all sizes and colors, even as an outline.

This is another project that is close to my heart. I contributed to the tagline as well. I chose to represent the good this product will do to nature by introducing a vibrant bird in flight. Since the logo will be used in packing i made earthy brown dominant as this will help in stand out among the other greenwares (90% of which use green in their logos and packaging).

Heather’s Treasures make reusable items. I have used green and gold in combination representing the ‘treasure’ that is reusable. highlighting Treasure again i included the key to represent unlocking the treasure when customers buy these products. Anything that is green and helps the nature is close to my heart and so is this.

I custom created the ‘Shopping Mascot’ for this logo. The heart is a no brainer with such a name :). I choose the colors to represent the fun and playful designs that make the products stand apart. The typography is a combination of font and handwritten and drawn elements.

Rustic Roots was a interesting logo. After trying out a lot of spa related iconography, i presented the client with a very simple monogram. This comes in handy because of the versatility of the monogram enabled us to make a few changes and modify the logo for a premier membership en devour. The colors chosen here are purple and green. Purple to represent the eliteness and green to highlight nature. This is another instance where i chose to use gradients (in the premium membership design). I not only did their logo, but designed their website and marketing collateral as well.

Nanneer means ‘Clean Water’. I have used the drop water in the logo and incorporated it with the Title letter in both the languages. green and blue are used to depict nature and water.

This is a multilingual logo. I strived to make both the logos look identical and in such a way that they are recognized as one and the same.

As with all the logos i design, i introduced the element of the leaf to represent not just nature but also to highlight that not just for drinking, even plants need water.