Jacki Made

Jacki Made is a shop for handmade items including high quality, customizable, washable family-friendly face covering masks by Jacki Hunter. The requirements for the logo was something neutral, which depicted the love and care that went into each handmade item and also to highlight the uniqueness that comes with handmade items. The versatility of the logo was another requirement. I choose to use teal and yellow as the brand colors given the neutrality of the colors. The shades chosen are softer tone and blend well with the various fabric colors when applied as labels. The font chosen is a handwritten script which resembles the flow of the stitches.

Jacki is creating some of the best handmade clothing trinkets you can find. Apart from Masks she makes dryer balls and knit socks. she also offers classes occasionally. Check her out on JackiMade.com

Logo in Action