Your Designer

With over 15 years of experience in Graphic and Web Design, my aim is to provide a design that not only captures the vision and need of the project, but is also, timeless and eye catching.

Venturing into Photoshop for a high school project in 1999, i found my calling.  Consistently working on freelance projects ever since finishing high school, a Bachelors in Information Technology gave me the needed qualification to seek in-house positions in Digital Designing. Masters in Information Technology and Management took me further into the field of anything and everything related to digital design.

I continued to work in the field of design, all the time constantly honing my skills and staying update, in both tools and trends, in designing. Branching out to Web Designing and knowledge of HTML, CSS and scripting helped me understand more about digital design.

I am an ardent hobby photographer, i paint in my free time and have been reading fiction for as long as i can remember. The vivid descriptions of Enid Blyton helped me with my imagination and made me venture into writing a couple of short stories and one fiction novel for kids. My son helps me by giving feedbacks to my designs, illustrations and writing and is working on writing  and illustrating a children’s book “Birds of my Backyard” himself.

My Design Ideology

Making it Significant by keeping it Simple is my design mantra. I tend to keep the elements and colors of my design to the minimum so that each element can cleanly and clearly communicate their intended purpose to the target audience.

Extensive Research is key to the success of a design, may it be a business card, logo, packaging or digital marketing designs. My background in management studies helps me analyse and understand the target audience, the competitors and the business, resulting in designs that can communicate.

Inspiration comes from anywhere and combining natural and geometric shapes are integral to a good design that is pleasing on the eye. A good design should be clear that it doesn’t require a second glance to convey its message, but should be looked at again and again because its attractive and eye catching 🙂