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Website Build/ Refresh

Elegant, Classic, Bold, Modern, Loud, whatever your voice is, lets bring it online with a website. Choose to build in wordpress (the most used CMS platform), squarespace (The ideal balance between personalization and ease of use), or shopify (the most used small business ecom site) I will build and launch your website in 30 days. Beginning with the initial consultation and review, each point of the process is crafted to construct a website that is tailored to your brand and business objective.

Who is it for?
  • You need a new website
  • You need a complete overhaul of your current website
  • You need your site migrated from another platform
  • Want an affordable option and wants to do DIY maintenance and simple edits by yourself
  • Like to have hosting, platform, com, scheduling to be all under one umbrella
What you get?


  • 1 hr Initial review session 
  • Built from scratch custom website
  • Implementation of your branding
  • Custom Icon and Graphics for your brand
  • SEO optimized copy
  • Initial on page SEO
  • You provide Headshots/ Product Images/ Photography
  • 1 hr review session
  • 1 round of changes (all changes must be requested at the same sitting)
  • 1 hour of after launch training on your website basics
How does it work?
  • We discuss scope of website and I give you requirements during initial review
  • After you provide me with the requirement – I design your home page
  • We review the design and I continue to build rest of pages
  • Check accessibility and QA the website
  • Finalize and launch the website

Landing Page

Targeted messaging, better analytics, improved conversion rates and all that more helpful for SEO, landing pages are perfect for focus on particular event or product. Lets make a landing page tailored to your brand and requirement.
Who is it for?
  • Want to drive a specific action/focus on your website
  • Have a specific marketing campaign
  • Need something fast before you have time to build your actual website
What you get?
  • Landing page launched online
  • implementation of Business branding/ Event branding
  • Custom icons and graphics
  • Basic on page SEO
  • 1 round of changes
  • 30 min after launch consultation for minor changes within that time

$249 – Existing website

$349 – New website

Copy and images may incur extra charges


Power Hours

Get 4/8 hours of my undivided attention to get the todo list of your website that you have been procrastinating so long. You will provide me with a list of priotirized tasks to review and use as a guidleine for our session. 

Who is it for?
  • You are the sole decision maker for your website.
  • Have content ready.
  • You want to learn how to do some repeat tasks yourself.
  • Can commit to 4/8 hours of communication.
  • You self built your site and need a more fine tuned look.
  • You changed your branding and want your website to reflect it.
  • Know/ have a list of updates needed on the website.
What we can achieve
Update content, images

Tailor website to your brand fonts, colors, styling

Add additional features like pricing blocks, drop down sections, borders and backgrounds, image carousels, etc.,

Refine website layout

Create landing pages (8 hr/ existing websites)

Add additional pages

Add products

Fine tune shop by adding categories, tags, etc.,

Add Membership, scheduling functionality tools


$349 – 4 hr

$650 – 8 hr (split into 2 days)

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