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Why work with me?

  • With a natural flair for thinking outside the box, my creativity will help to truly capture the essence of your brand
  • I pay close attention to detail and ensure every element of your brand integrates seamlessly and has a wholesome impact
  • My 20 year industry experience comes in handy in understanding what works and what makes a brand stand out in the crowded marketplace
  • I collaborate closely with clients, making each unique need and goal a visual opportunity that can be communicated via design
  • My versatility that comes from my prior experiences are a perfect fit for any brand, small or large, to create a brand that speaks to your audience

My Process

Each designer has a unique process that they use to create an identity for you, my time tested process has gone through a few revisions in the past 2 decades and is now at a point where i can humbly brag that it is effecient and effective in the way i use my time and resources 

Research & Analysis

The branding project’s research phase entails collecting information and analyzing findings to gain a deeper understanding of your business, industry, competitors, current and potential clients, and any existing branding and design. This phase often involves extensive research, as well as thorough analysis of the products or services you offer now and may potentially offer in the future. 

Brand Strategy

Based on the information gathered during the research phase on your values and aspirations, your brand starts taking form here, concentrating on your positioning in the market between your competitors in the eye of your potential clients. The tone of your brand is established in a way that it solidifies your brand value and business objectives.

Design Formulating

It is during this stage that brand values are transformed into tangible solutions, such as a distinctive and significant visual brand identity. Almost all of the visual elements are formulated during this phase and revisions and re-revisions are worked out based on peer review and user feedback.


You are now ready to reveal your brand!

Implementation can take various forms, ranging from a small number of business cards to a website or a series of product videos. This phase can occur swiftly, but begins with meticulous planning of the roll-out, which includes determining how and when various aspects of your brand will be introduced on different channels.

While the primary role of design within the branding process is to craft the visual identity, it often extends beyond that. Design thinking can be generated during this stage and implemented across various areas of your business to enhance services, products, and workflows.

Fun Facts

Here are a few interesting facts on branding…

It takes only 10 seconds to form an opinion about a logo, 5 to 7 seconds to recognize it again

using signature colors increases brand recognition by 80%.

brand consistency provides a 23% of revenue increase

33% of top 100 global brands use the color blue in their branding

My Branding Projects

Here is a selection of my prior branding work…

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