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My Process

When it comes to websites, proper planning is essential to create the perfect user experience. Apart from the meticulous effort that goes into making every website, the process a web developer follows to create your website has a deep impact in the efficiency of the developer and is directly relational to the outcome. Below is the general steps involved in developing a website. This is what you would call ‘the generic’ process. ‘My Tweaks’ details the intricacies of my process, how it differs and what makes it stand out, a sneak peak of some of my trade secrets that make my process unique and efficient.

Scope & Goal
Sitemap and Wireframe
Content Creation
Website Building
Testing & Launch

My Tweaks

  • My process is heavy on the research and analysis stage, before i start actually building i visualize thoroughly on the wireframing, this enables me to catch any changes and tweaks needed early avoiding reworks and delays.


  • SEO implementation starts in the research and planning stage, i analyse keywords and phrases of competitors, industry leaders and target audience. Thorough analysis happens before your copy is written, increasing the effectiveness of your copy.


  • Websites need to be fast and slow leading images are a major contributor to bounce rates, affecting seo. I spend time in editing the images and optimizing the format and size of the images enabling faster load time. My background in graphic design enables me to make images sizes smaller without compromizing the resolutiom/ quality.


  • Mobile optimization is done on each segment and module of the website, addressing it at the core level helps in catching and fixing issues immidiately rather than later avoiding delays in launch.


  • Quality Check is done as a 3 stage process. I take care and spend time in checking and re-checking the accessibility, viewabilty, readabilty of the website as well as check the links, backlinks thoroughly.


  • Customer care is what i stand out in. You will find it easy to communicate with me therefore making the whole process of creating a website a joyful experience.

Why work with me?

  • My 2 decade experience comes with a deep understanding of what makes a website engaging and effective, leading to a seamless user experience
  • Coding to expand functionality is my strong point, strong foundation in technical aspects help my implement advanced features taking your website to the next level
  • Using fresh and innovative ideas in the website design makes for a truly memorable online experience
  • Crafting your website by working closely with you to understand your uniqueness reflects on the end design
  • I completely tailor your website to reflect your brand and its values, making a one of a kind website that is distinctively yours
  • Mobile responsive and mobile based design makes your website ready for all users

Intresting Website Insights

A full 75% of consumers say they’ll form an opinion about a company and its credibility. based only on its website.

it takes only 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds!) for users to form an opinion about your website

Over 92% of all internet searches are now completed on mobile

94% of a website user's first impressions are based on the design

My Website Projects

Here is a selection of my prior website work…

Let’s Work Together

A website is a 24/7 storefront that can be accessed from the convenience of people’s homes and is widely the first encounter of your potential customer with your business.

Building credibility and trust among your customers with a professionally built website launches your digital presence and creates a wider reach to attract new customers. Unbound by location or time, your website makes accessing information and booking/purchasing your products easier.

A website gives you a competitive advantage and helps you stand out from competitors while simultaneously reaching new markets. Investing in a professional website for your business is the first step to establishing yourself in the marketplace.