Angie Tabz Photo

In the world of design, the evolution of a brand’s visual identity is not just about change; it’s about progress. Angie’s logo is a good example of the transformative power of design, illustrating how font and color refinement, and versatility converge to elevate a photographer’s brand. 

This started as Angie reached out to edit her logo. Being an artist herself, Angie was easy to communicate with. In discussion we both agreed that since the signature on her logo was already a much recognized component on her website as well as her other marketing tools, we would retain the core element and tweak it.

our first step was to transition from raster to vector. By recreating the signature in a vector format, we ensured scalability without compromising on image quality. This not only facilitated seamless application across various mediums but also laid the foundation for future-proof branding.

 The other aspect of the design involved font and color selection. Opting a contemporary font style that has withstood the test of time ensured we could strike the perfect balance between modern appeal and traditional aesthetic. The color palette received a subtle update, enhancing the logo’s vibrancy while preserving the inherent warmth. 

Recognizing the diverse landscape of print and digital mediums, Angie was provided with a spectrum of logo formats and styles. A well-crafted logo not only reflects the brand’s identity but also adapts effortlessly to the ever-changing design landscape, which holds true for this logo.

With a recognizable icon, thoughtful font choices, and a refined color palette, a redesigned logo will not only meet immediate needs but also position the brand for sustained success across diverse media channels.

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