Enchanting Moments – Rebrand & Website Refresh

Nicole is a photographer from Oregon city who takes awe inspiring pictures. I started working with Nicole in 2018 on her older website. When Nicole decided to enhance her branding, it was only natural of her to reach out to me. We discussed the growth and changes in her business and embarked on a journey of updating her branding and refreshing her website.

The primary goal was to reflect the new branding on the website as well as make it an immersive experience for the users. 

My major effort in the website went into curating and choosing images from the vast collection of Nicole’s prior work. Everything looked wonderful and it was really difficult to choose one and leave out the rest.

Clean and contemporary aesthetic, vibrant color palette and fonts that represent the brand best were reflected in the rebrand. Inspired by the simple but elegant aesthetic of Nicole’s work, the website echoes the enchantment found in her photography.

Navigation was streamlined to showcase the breadth of Nicole’s portfolio effortlessly. Each gallery was thoughtfully organized, allowing visitors to delve into specific themes and moments.

The website underwent technical enhancements to improve loading times and optimize performance. The platform switched from square space to WordPress to enable better customization. Integration of high-resolution images and a responsive design aimed to offer an equally enchanting experience on any device. 

The end result resulted in Nicole’s saying “Everything looks amazing! I love it.” As a designer, my aim is to not just make a functioning product but to provide an excellent experience and feedback like this makes my day! 

Visit Enchanting Moments by Nicole to experience the magic firsthand.

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